Welcome to the No New Gas Campaign!

Led by 350 Bay Area's Mobilizing Team and Green Novato


Learn how to take on big businesses that are implementing new gas infrastructure.


Bring climate fighting organizations together to implement renewables across the US.


Give our coalition members and the public tools to fight gas stations and manufacturing.

Why does it matter?

No New Gas is working to fight gas infrastructure so we can instead create a healthy, green economy for the youth of today. Our website shows no gas stations for a reason, we want to emphasize what our future will look like.


We support youth of all backgrounds that are fighting climate denial. Our organization is run for youth and by youth.


We want to promote a future that looks to renewable energy and energy effiency as key building blocks


We have a deep understanding that nature has been providing for us for a long time and now it’s time we provide for nature.


We vote with our dollar and make sure that business that aren’t following high ethical standards will be called out.

Who We Are

No New Gas has one simple and easy-to-understand goal: preventing the construction of any new gas stations. Not in Novato. Not in Marin. Not in the Bay Area. Not anywhere. No New Gas seeks not only to educate people but also to create a tool kit for others to use. We aim to take what’s been learned in other fights against big oil and large retailers such as Costco and Safeway to help opponents successfully stop new gas stations from ever seeing the light of day.

No New Gas founder Lily Cohen, a young environmental engineering student and a member of 350 Bay Area’s Mobilizing Team, has been spearheading the fight against Costco’s proposed mega gas station in Novato. It’s that experience that has ignited in her a desire to create a platform to take the battle beyond the local scene and help those who are just starting their own battles with companies — and the elected officials in cities and counties who kowtow to them, ignoring the very real climate emergency in pursuit of short-term financial gain.

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Learn more about the Novato Costco gas station lawsuit, ways to fight for corporate responsilibity, and collaborate with other advocates.

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